There have always been two very special rings that sets a new stage in a relationship. Two pieces that are only separated by time but intended to find each other. At SLOVINSKY we have brought the two concepts closer together and linked them in ANN: a new high jewelry design that seals a bond between two persons. A reinterpretation of the traditional solitaire engagement ring together with the classic half diamond wedding ring.


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  • Model: ANN
  • Material: Yellow Gold 18k | White Gold 18K | Rose Gold 18K
  • Gem:25 Diamond ring + central Diamond + Sapphire, Ruby or Diamond on top
    • Diamonds over the ring
      • Cut: Brilliant (x25 Diamonds 1,5mm)
      • Total weight: 0,31 ct
      • Color: G
      • Clarity: VS
    • Central Diamond
      • Cut: Brilliant (x1 Diamond 2,5mm)
      • Color: G
      • Clarity: VS
    • Ruby
      • Cut: Round | Brilliant (x1 gem 3,7mm)
      • Total weight: 0,3 ct
      • Color: Deep red
      • Clarity: Clean, typical inclusions of natural gems
  • Size: 15


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