Organic forms inspire us. The waves of the sea, the lushness of a forest or the geometries we find in the stones of a path. This is NUG, a piece inspired by a precious metal in its purest state: gold nuggets. NUG is a small-format earring that seeks simplicity in its design. A glittering piece that will stand out, whether accompanied or on its own, for its ability to reflect the light it receives.


  • Model: NUG
  • Material: Yellow Gold 18k | White Gold 18K | Rose Gold 18K
  • Dimensions: 13 mm


NUG is a piece of jewelry made up of a single element in its design, without the traditional press-stud fastening that other earrings have. Because of this, the piece has to be adapted to the person who is going to wear it until it reaches the desired pressure so it cannot come off. Its lines facilitate a good grip with good comfort once it has been shaped.

SLOVINSKY jewelry is created by handcrafted processes and upon request. For this same reason, the pieces may reflect variations in the final result with respect to the images used in this website.

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We will not accept returns of delivered parts and cannot cancel them once the materials necessary for their manufacture have been purchased.It will not be possibleto return these products to us, ask us to exchange them for others or offer you a refund for them. More information

At SLOVINSKY we make sure that our jewelry always meets the highest professional standards in all aspects: materials and design, always respecting the handcrafted process. The result is jewelry that, if properly cared for, will become timeless pieces with our own stamp and personality. More information