At SLOVINSKY we make sure that our jewelry always meets the highest professional standards in all aspects: materials and design, always respecting the handcrafted process. The result is jewelry which, if cared for properly, will become timeless pieces with our own stamp and personality.

Care of gold jewelry

To preserve the brilliance of your gold jewelry, as well as those pieces with gemstones in them, it is advisable to always treat them with care. Even the diamond, which is the hardest material in the world, can be damaged in certain circumstances, as other delicate gems. Gold can also discolor and even disintegrate depending on the substances. In summary, these are the following recommendations that we at SLOVINSKY would like to give you:


  • Household chemicals
  • Perfumes and cosmetics
  • Showering, bathing or swimming in pools, whirlpools, hot springs and the sea.
  • Cooking
  • Exercising in the gym or playing contact sports
  • Variable temperatures
  • Ultrasonic cleaning


To keep gem-free gold jewelry clean, you can always perform the following actions:

  • Prepare a pot of water, add a degreasing soap (e.g. Fairy) and heat it to boiling. Put the jewels in it for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • After this time, take them out carefully and run them under cold tap water (you can use non-metal tweezers for this process).
  • Dry the jewels with great care not to scratch them. Do it with a cotton cloth, without rubbing, absorbing the water little by little.

To clean the precious stones of a jewel, 96º alcohol can be used. Pour some on a cloth and gently wipe over the stones to remove any dirt that may have adhered to the stones. It is important to do this accurately as the gold can be worn away if it is not applied only on the gems.

SLOVINSKY jewelry is created by handcrafted processes, from the selection of the stones used to the choice of metals. For this very reason, each piece of jewelry has unique characteristics that are obtained during the finishing process of the piece. The images used in this website are the basis of any jewel and are an example of the final result. If a material is occasionally out of stock due to production, we will let you know and propose alternatives.

We are committed to prepare all orders received within a minimum of 10 working days, including the manufacture and shipment of the product. Occasionally, it is possible to offer a shorter delivery time than indicated depending on the product purchased (confirmation after contacting SLOVINSKY). More information

Due to the handcrafted, made-to-order and unique personalization of each piece ordered from SLOVINSKY, no returns will be accepted for the pieces delivered. As product orders are always personalized in some way or custom-made according to your specifications, they cannot be cancelled once the materials necessary for their manufacture have been acquired. It will not be possible to return such products to us, to ask us to exchange them for others or to offer you a refund for them.

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