Designs, ideas, the desire to create…Intentions that seek to shape precious metals and gems in order to unite them in a new high jewellery firm.

“A point between classic and modern. The perfect balance of 21st century jewellery. Influences from the past, strokes from the present and brushstrokes from the future in this model of timeless craftsmanship.”

SLOVINSKY recovers the passion of a previous generation for the aesthetic beauty, transmitted by jewels with their own personality.From a small familiar jeweller’s shop initiated years ago, it is now located between Barcelona and Alicante. Managed now by Anna Slovinsky, a certified jeweller and setter whose work combines style and tradition, it has been adapted to a renewed and modern vision.

Who is behind Slovinsky?

Anna Slovinsky is the founder and director of this great little family. Creativity always present in her training, she developed her degree as an Industrial Design Engineer at ELISAVA school and received direct influences for architecture, product and interior design at Lázaro Rosa Violán. With all these experiences, she decided to focus her seek for creating and building with and art as special as jewellery. From this idea, she focused her efforts on training as a professional jeweller and nailing artist at JORGC (Jewellers, Goldsmiths, Watchmakers and Gemologists of Catalonia) jewellery school.

“Character and personality to be able to create pieces with soul.”

An illusion which became a project and has taken shape now to continue giving value to quality pieces that sparkle with their own character. A way of life based on the importance of authenticity and commitment in an eternal art. 


'Our craftsmanship process'

Each piece is a world. Behind each piece of jewellery there is an endless number of important processes hidden. The first sketch of the jewel, the understanding and study to make it, the casting of the materials used and the manual work until reaching the final delivery of the piece with all the guarantees that characterise SLOVINSKY.

“Each piece is a world” All designs are born from a careful and meticulous teamwork whose craftsmanship is one of our hallmarks. We work everything by hand for giving total authenticity and quality to the product.

To achieve the desired results, most traditional techniques are combined with most innovative processes, in order to guarantee a piece with the quality levels set by the firm. From casting in crucibles to designing by 3D modelling, the ability to work with different techniques allows us to visualise the pieces from a wider perspective.

“Because there are not two equal pieces coming from a handcrafted process. Because we live every moment worked by our hands. Because that makes it authentic, special and exclusive. Why is craftsmanship valuable?”


The design of a piece of jewellery is important: it has to evoke an special sensation from the very first moment and has to last forever. Equally important is the right choice of materials and gems that will be part of it.

We only work with noble metals in SLOVINSKY: 18K gold, yellow, white or pink, are the main elements which we give shape with to the designs materialized in our workshop. Occasionally, sterling silver is the base used for creating some pieces. In order to guarantee that the materials are used with maximum efficiency, we take profit of part of the metal wastes produced during the craftsmanship process to create other components.

that become something imperishable from the first moment.”

that become something imperishable from the first moment.”

“We respect the environment and the life cycles of the elements.”

With this idea in mind, we choose the gems we use in our workshop and work only with those that reach the required quality levels. We regularly collaborate with certified gemmologists in order to obtain gems with special characteristics. 


If craftsmanship is part of our base and the material is one of the pillars of our work, the quality of the diamonds we use is another of the great protagonists of SLOVINSKY. Our appreciation for these precious stones prompts us to share the ‘4 C’s’ by which they are classified and which we detail in each piece in which they appear.

Color. Many people don’t know it but not all diamonds are colourless. Yellow, brown, black… The color is catalogued with the letters of the alphabet from ‘D’ (totally colourless) to ‘Z’ (color ‘Fancy’).

Clarity. The amount of internal and external imperfections present conditions this aspect of diamonds, contributing to its visual flawlessness. Purity has ten levels of quality. The fewer the inclusions, the more valuable the diamond.

Cut. The cut is the geometric shape given to a gemstone to enhance its optical properties. From the classic Brilliant cut to Princess, Trilliant or Emerald cuts, among others. Cut’s objective is to enhance its capacity to transmit and reflect light in order to achieve maximum brilliance.

Carat. The carat (ct) is the unit of weight of diamonds with an equivalence of 1ct = The value of a diamond should not always be measured by its weight, as it must be in harmony with the piece in which it is set. Even so, a diamond can be a great protagonist in a solitaire setting.


0. Stop, breathe and think. A ritual that we take very seriously when we want to start designing any piece, whether it is our own project or a personalised order.

1. Drawing, going ashore and choosing. You have to give shape to the emerged ideas and form them before looking for the materials and work with those. After this study, the choice of gems and metals can be decisive in each jewel’s design. An easy step in appearance that hides much of the jeweller’s art.

2. Manual work. From the casting to the final polish of the piece, processes as filing, grinding and nailing of the carefully selected gems are carried out. Silver, yellow gold, white gold… Each material needs special attention that must be taken care of when it is being worked.

3. Assess the result. Each SLOVINSKY product design must be durable and with perfect condition qualities from the very first moment. That is why, after each piece is finished, it is carefully checked for the slightest imperfection in order to achieve the best result.

4. The delivery. The most eagerly awaited moment arrives: the illusion of seeing the reaction of those who have placed their trust in our work. Carefully packed and full of details, the pieces are protected so that they cannot be damaged until they reach their destination.

At SLOVINSKY we work with materials obtained from nature in such a way that we extract their full potential. A whole range of colours and shades that come from the earth, whose bond we reinforce in something as important as our packaging.

“A whole range of colours and shades that come from the earth”

A personalized packaging with our signature, perfect to accommodate each design with the utmost care and to ensure that its opening is a unique experience on every occasion. A combination of black and terracotta as basic colours: the sensation of extracting from the earth that jewel that has been waiting for us.

A jewel, a desire. An image, a sensation. Something to be conveyed with the mere glance of a photograph.

“Our perspective of the eighth art”

At SLOVINSKY we attach great importance to the ‘eighth art’ and treat it with great affection in our day-to-day work. We use three types of format to portray each of the pieces and the people who are part of our sessions: the film of an analogue camera, the snapshot of a Polaroid or through digital photography.

Through these media we portray the entire process of creating a piece of jewellery: the lines captured on a sheet of paper, the sparkles that emerge when working the metal, as well as every detail that forms part of the final presentation of the result.